International Women's Day

Today, as the world marks International Women's Day, I wish to broadcast my respect for, and solidarity with, all womenfolk globally. Your struggle for your human rights and dignity and against all forms of gender discrimination, exploitation and violence is paying dividends, albeit incrementally.

Two important women in my life - Emily and Michelle - receive my special salute for always being there and inspiring hope and confidence even when some situations appear intractable and struggle appears headed nowhere.

This country owes its nationhood to such illustrious Women as Me Katilili Wa Menza, Mary Nyanjiru, General Muthoni, Moraa and those brace Women that could dare stand against the colonial edifice and declare they could and would bring it down.

Post- independence heroines like Grace Akech Onyango, Phoebe Asiyo, Edda Gachukia, Chelegat Mutai , Wangari Maathai and Grace Ogot gave our sisters and daughters reason to hope and the confidence to inflict serious cracks on the glasses ceiling. Even though the glass ceiling remains, the cracks are there and with sustained knocks from the likes of Millie Odhiambo, Gladys Wanga, Florence Mutua and Wahu Kaara among other gallant Women, it's just a matter of time before it caves in.

Finally, I raise a clenched fist of solidarity my comrades in the trenches: Micere Mugo, Njeri Kabeberi, Zarina Patel, Kathini Maloba, Wanjiru Kihoro, Mwikali Kieti, Muthoni Kamau and Mumbi wa Maina among many who worked and led the underground struggle in the most difficult days of 1980s. Even though they hardly mention you among the heroes of the Second Liberation, rest assured that history doesn't lie and doesn't forget.

Women of our land, ORGANIZE, DON'T ARGONIZE!


ED, National Secretariat

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