Media Release

The hour that Kenyans have been waiting for is finally here. We remain very encouraged by the enthusiasm of the people of Kenya to vote and bring in a new government.

Even more important, we remain very encouraged by the determination of Kenyans of goodwill to share with us information on issues they think could negatively impact the elections and disturb the peace.

We have two pieces of information from Kenyans of good intentions that we wish to share with Kenyans today.
We have information that the Jubilee administration plans to switch off Electronic Voter Identification Devices (EVID) in all their strongholds at 12 noon tomorrow. This will then give way to pure manual voting and stuffing of the ballot in the excuse that systems have failed. This information was relayed by none other than the Inspector General of Police to a relative.

Secondly, on 6th August, 2017 at exactly 11.00 am one military aircraft model Y12, left the Laikipia Airbase, Nanyuki on a suspicious mission. Loaded on the aircraft were six large cartons containing 50 pieces of smoke grenades, a total of 300 grenades. The aircraft was destined for Lamu via Moi Airbase, Nairobi. It off-loaded half of the cargo in Nairobi and thereafter proceeded to Lamu with the other half. We are informed no other security agency keeps stock of smoke grenades.

As much as we would like to believe that the movement of the items is a normal and routine military exercise, the timing of the movement cannot fail to raise our suspicions that the likely intention is for the military personnel to use the items or have handed them over to personnel drawn from other security agencies (Police and Intelligence) and assigned to perform special duties that we have shared with Kenyans in the recent past.

Despite the afore-going, we take heart from the pledge and assurance made by non- other than the President of Kenya that the government has put in place all that is required to ensure a peaceful environment to enable Kenyans exercise without any threats or hindrance to their democratic right of choosing their leaders on 8th August, 2017.

Similar assurance has also been given by the Inspector General of National Police to all Kenyans through media.
We want to urge our people to do whatever it takes to get to the polling stations and cast their votes. We assure them that they are not alone. A number of our leaders will be visiting various parts of the country and staying on the ground with them. We are doing everything to ensure our supporters are safe across the country.

Hon. Musalia Mudavadi
Chair of the NASA National Campaign Committee
Chief Agent, NASA Coalition
Chairman Amani National Congress (ANC)

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