Remarks by Hon. Raila Odinga at meeting with grassroots Leaders

1. Yesterday, we launched our campaign against any elections held by IEBC as currently constituted. We said we shall go around the country sensitising people about our case against elections by IEBC.
2. We also said we shall sensitise our people about the reforms that must take place before they can be called to another election.
3. Today, we have met grassroots leaders from various parts of the country to brief them on our conditions to IEBC and have them take message to the ground. The conditions are as follows:
4. On procurement of Election materials, we have said we reject the Commission’s intention to award printing of election materials to Al Ghurair.
5. On Information and Communication Technology (ICT); we insist on a thorough independent transparent end-to-end audit and quality assurance of the election technology ecosystem.
6. On election personnel; we maintain that the people who messed up last elections cannot be allowed to participate in organizing and conducting the next election.
7. Polling stations must be gazetted, names and respective GPS locations published in at least two daily newspapers with national circulation.
8. On Transmission of results; we said the media must be given unfettered access to the election and specifically counting of votes and announcement of results at the polling stations, tallying and declaration of the presidential results at the constituency.
9. In addition to this, we put together information linking local telecommunication firms, particularly Safaricom and Telkom Kenya, in collaboration with Saffran and how they stole our votes.
10. We are on the trail of local owners of Saffran and the firms that printed fake result declaration forms and ballot papers along Mombasa Road.
11. We shall be sharing this information with these grassroots leaders at a later date and briefing them on the actions to take against these firms and individuals.
12. Those individuals not only messed up and stole elections. They also received bribes and we will be naming, exposing and prosecuting them.
13. We are counting on these grassroots leaders to ensure the people get us loud and clear that we are ready for elections.
14. But we do not want elections for the sake of it. We need credible elections conducted by men and women of integrity; not by the Chilobas, Chirchirs, Kassaits and Guliyes of this world.
15. The lot that conducted the last elections must watch the next ones from their prison cells, not from IEBC offices.

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