Reports appearing in sections of the media indicate that senior police officers, who would have been expected to apply for the positions of Deputy Inspector General at the National Police Service Commission have not done so and that only nine put in their applications.

This is an indictment of the National Police Service Commission and the process of filling the positions left vacant when Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta unprocedurally sacked the holders of those offices and proceeded to appoint replacements in acting capacity.
The National Police Service proceeded to advertise the vacancies giving only three days for interested individuals to submit applications and not the stipulated minimum 14 day notice.
From the start, there were signals to potential applicants that it would be an exercise in futility meant to rubber-stamp illegal appointments. The procedures were twisted from the start such that instead of the National Police Service sacking the former employees, it is Mr. Kenyatta who did.

From the start, it was not clear why the officers were sacked and why they were being re-deployed in the Public Service instead of the Police Service.
Police is a critical institution in the country and one that is crying for reforms. Recent developments show the cavalier attitude with which it is being managed, with the presidency breaking rules to create a force that can be used to service the regime against the people. The National Police Commission is colluding with the presidency to create an institution that serves the regime rather than the people.

It is our position that the Police is too critical an institution to be constituted and disbanded according to the whims of an individual. We demand that the National Police Service cancels the process of recruiting the deputy IGs and re-advertise the positions, spelling out the qualifications to be met. The applicants must be given the required 14 days minimum period within which to apply. We totally object to the intentions of Jubilee to turn the Police into a rag tag militia ready to be used by individual leaders against citizens. The era of hiring and firing via radio and TV must not be allowed back into public service.


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