Task Force to Audit the Party's Conduct in Elections


As you are aware, the National Governing Council of the Party met on 23rd February 2018 here at Orange House and among the resolutions passed was the establishment of a panel of eminent party members to conduct a comprehensive review of nomination and election rules, nomination structures, review of party ideology, electoral platforms and coalition building and management.

The resolution was well received by the members of the NGC who unanimously endorsed it.

In line with that resolution, today, the 8th of March 2018, the Party through the office of the Secretary General wishes to unveil to Kenyans, the task force to examine the Party’s performance in the run-up to the general election held on August 8 2017 with a view to strengthening our electoral processes.

The members of the Task Force are as follows:

1. Mrs. Catherine Mumma (Chairperson)
2. Hon. (Prof.)Larry Gumbe
3. Hon. Irshad Sumra
4. Hon. Alfelt Gunda
5. Mr. Tony Moturi, Secretary (Ex-officio)

The Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Task Force:

The overall mandate of the Task Force is to examine the general performance of the Party in the 2017 elections. The specific Terms of Reference (ToRs) of the Task Force are to: 
1. To dig deep and provide an honest review of the 2017 Election cycle and a Path forward for ODM to ensure success in winning more seats in future elections;
2. To consider and review the Party’s performance in 2007, 2013 and 2017 elections with specific reference to processes and procedures;
3. To consider and review the Party’s legal, policy and institutional framework governing the electoral processes;
4. To consider and propose specific recommendations to the legal regime governing the Party’s electoral processes; 
5. To consider and proffer any other measures or proposals that are necessary to strengthen and enhance the performance of the Party’s election management body in the short and long term;
6. To consider and review the Party’s ideology, shared values and manifesto platforms for 2007, 2013 and 2017 elections and remark on their relevance;
7. To consider and review the Party’s engagement with electoral alliances and coalitions and how the same has impacted on the Party’s growth;

As decided in by the NGC, the Task Force shall carry out its mandate independently and present their report to the National Executive Committee (NEC) within 90 days from the date of appointment.

We wish the team the best of luck as they embark on a noble course for the party.

Edwin Sifuna

Hon. Chris Karani

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