The War For The Law

The ODM joins all Kenyans in strongly condemning the entrenchment of impunity in our country and the continued disregard for the rule of law. In particular we wish to express our outrage at the continued disobedience of court orders by state organs and our disgust at the cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment of a Kenyan Citizen Mr. Miguna Miguna at the hands of state goons. That a Kenyan can held incommunicado in a toilet, injected with unknown toxins bundled on a fight and deported from his motherland, is a most egregious assault on our constitution.Edwin S

As a party we have walked this journey with Dr. Miguna since his initial arrest in February and have been at his side throughout his persecution for imaginary crimes. Our Lawyers and our party leader have been at the forefront of his defense often putting themselves at great risk of personal harm. Kenyans will not forget the disturbing scenes of cruelty being meted out on our lawyers, journalists and even our party Leader Hon. Raila Odinga at the JKIA. We will continue to stand with him until this battle is won.

As was made clear yesterday by high court judge Odunga this matter has now transcended a private dispute between Dr. Miguna and rogue state elements and has reached a level where judicial powers are on trial and the dignity of the courts is being questioned. Ladies and gentlemen, the war for the rule of laws has begun in earnest.
We wish to make clear that in this war, ODM shall fight side by side with the judiciary. We reiterate the Call by Justice Odunga that no one is above the law. We wish to remind all Kenyans that the Power of the people is always stronger than the people in power. The judiciary has done its best it’s now time for all Kenyans of good will to stand up for the rule of law. We therefore urge the following:-

1. All Kenyans of goodwill must come out to defend the Judiciary, the rule of law and Court orders. To this end ODM calls on Kenyans of goodwill, members of the bar, civil society and the church to come out at an appointed date next week to effect the court orders by arresting the convicted criminals, Fred Matiangi, George Kinoti, Gordon Kihalangwa and Joseph Boinnnet and bring these fugitives before the law

2. We call on the Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya to shut the doors of justice on all those who have disobeyed and continue to disobey the Courts orders. We urge the judiciary specifically to deny audience in all courts in the Republic to the Ministry of Interior, The DCI, the Police and Department of Immigration until Miguna Miguna is brought back to the Country and set free unconditionally as ordered by the Court

3. Lastly Kenyans of all walks of life are reminded that the convicted four are fugitives from the law and because the Constitution places the responsibility on all citizens to uphold and defend the Constitution, these fugitives must be censured, condemned and if possible apprehended on sight as they are no longer fit to hold public office, nor in the words of Odunga J, be cat walking around when they should be in Jail.

Edwin Sifuna
Secretary General
Orange Democratic Movement

Hon. Chris Karani

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