Message of Condolence on the passing of Winnie Mandela

We in the Orange Democratic Movement have received the news of the passing of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela with profound sorrow.

She leaves behind an enviable legacy of political struggle that few on the African and indeed world scene, can match.

Comrade Winnie will be remembered for her uncompromising passion for the emancipation not only of her people, but of black people all over the world, and her unwavering spirit to fight for what she believed in.

As comrades in the struggle for a just society, the ODM has always looked upon the Freedom Movement in South Africa for inspiration. Just like she never gave up even when things looked bleak in the fight against oppression, we must never relent in the quest for a just society in Kenya. We must must honor her by sustaining the fight against those who threaten to roll back the gains of her generation in the struggle for true liberation of Africa and the African.

Winnie Mandela’s loss is not that of South Africa alone but that of ODM and all Kenyans who revered Mama Africa for her courage and conviction.

We send our commiserations to her Family, the ANC party, the freedom movement and all the people of South Africa. Your brothers in Kenya stand with you during this difficult moment in your History. Rest in peace Mama Winnie.

Edwin Sifuna
Secretary General
Orange Democratic Movement

Hon. Chris Karani

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