Press Statement

We the members of the ODM Youth League met here today for our National Governing Council (NGC) meeting to deliberate on various issues affecting the youths of this country.

In our meeting, the members made the following resolutions;
1. That the ODM Youth League is fully behind our Party Leader H.E. Raila Amolo Odinga in his quest to unite Kenya and foster harmony among Kenyans. The League supports the handshake between the two TOP leaders in Kenya H.E. Raila Odinga and H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta on the 9th of March this year which we believe is aimed at making Kenya greater and better than we all found it. We all want a united, peaceful and ONE Kenya.

We want a country where the Youth of today shall have something to smile about when handing over the mantle to the Youths of tomorrow. It is us to set the pace by rallying behind the initiative of these two leaders for a better tomorrow. We are about shared values and prosperity, fighting corruption, strengthened devolution, having a trusted electoral body, fighting for a united country for us, our children and our children's children. Wow unto him that does not support this great initiative for history will judge them harshly.

2. As the Youths of this nation, we think positively. And therefore, we call upon the political class to focus on today first, fix the problems Kenyans are facing today before we talk about what we want to be in future. We cannot be in electioneering mood all the time.

3. The ODM Youth League supports the party position on the IEBC stalemate that in view of the weighty matters raised before, during and after last year's general election including irregularities in tendering processes and management of election that the IEBC Secretariat be disbanded immediately for independent audit to be done. Thr remaining Commissioners led by Chairman Mr. Wafula Chebukati should also resign for proper investigations and audit of the Commission's accounts. All that Kenyans want is free, fair and transparent electoral process in the country today and in future.

4. The ODM Youth League will in the coming few days roll out a nationwide County outreach programme aimed at enriching the party Youth League, re-energizing, rejuvenating and revamping the League. We want to be seen in all parts of the country spreading the vision, mission and policies of the League and that of the ODM Party as a whole. ODM remains the strongest largest political party with roots all over the country, and so the onus is on us to maintain the status.

5. That we shall soon hold our National Delegates Conference of the Youth League to have delegates elect new office bearers for the next five years. This is in accordance with our Constitution. The date for this event shall be announced by the Party National Secretariat. In the meantime, we shall embark on the process of filling the vacant positions in acting capacity as we prepare for the NDC.

6. As the ODM Youth League, we support the push for the necessary amendments to the constitution to fix the 20 percent that the drafters said was defective. We were told that the 2010 document was not 100% good, but for the last seven years, we have made progress with the good 80 percent. The time is now for us to work towards fixing the 20 percent to make our constitution stronger and acceptable to everyone. By so doing, the quest for a ONE KENYA, ONE NATION shall have been accomplished.

7. Finally we want to announce that the OYL NGC fully supports the current officer holders to steer the activities of the League to greater heights.

Thank you and God Bless Kenya.

ODM Youth League
D-Lux Hotel, Nakuru