Reckless Remarks by Sports CS Rashid Echesa


The ODM Youth League wishes to condemn in the strongest terms possible utterances attributed to Sports and Heritage Cabinet Secretary Mr Rashid Mohammed Echesa aimed at our party leader H.E. Raila Odinga.

Mr. Echesa’s remarks last weekend that Hon. Odinga is planning to sack him from the cabinet are laughable, childish and made out of ignorance. Mr. Echesa knows very well the person who appointed him to Cabinet and he knows who has the powers to relieve him of the same responsibilities.

Mr. Echesa grew up politically under the wings of the man he is now insulting and calling names in public. For close to ten years, he was in the ODM Youth League rising to the position of the Youth Leader. Then, Hon. Odinga was a good man. Today, he can shamelessly afford to hurl insults at him.

As the Youth League of the ODM Party, we want to warn Mr. Echesa to desist from further attacks and insults on our party leader. We will not take any further insults lightly. If he has issues in his docket, let him handle them without apportioning blame on people who have no constitutional mandate to appoint and sack anyone.

He was appointed to serve Kenyans. We urge him to concentrate on improving the lives of sportsmen and women in Kenya and also improve sports and stadia in the country. We want to encourage him to leave his Shibale village in Mumias and visit other parts of the country to assess sports facilities and encourage young and upcoming talents to venture into active sports. We just want to remind him that he is not a village Minister. He must leave H.E. Raila Odinga out of his woes.

John Ketora

President, ODM Youth League

Hon. Chris Karani

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