NASA Technical Committee Press Statement on Elections 2017

The NASA Pentagon and Technical Committee have had a successful Strategic meeting today following the unveiling of the Winning team last week. We would like to thank all Kenyans for rallying around our principals and Presidential Candidate His Excellency Raila Odinga and Hon Kalonzo Musyoka. We have looked at the numbers in all ways and would like to assure Kenyans that we will win.

We therefore owe it to All Kenyans to be vigilant and ensure that they have a level playing field to choose their preferred leaders at all levels namely; Presidential, Parliamentary and County governance.
On 4th of April The High Court of Kenya, in a unanimous decision, ruled that presidential election results declared at the polling station and constituency level are final and cannot be overturned unless by an Order of the Court. This decision reaffirmed the provisions of the Constitution on finality of elections results declared at the Constituency level.

It therefore concerns us as NASA the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has decided to appeal that decision. In whose interest is this appeal made? As NASA We would like to make it clear that If the IEBC continues with this mischief we will NOT participate in the Elections of 2017.

IEBC is admitting that they have been changing constituency results and are appealing the decision in order to continue changing results once announced at the constituencies. The IEBC is looking to the courts to allow it to change election results as declared at polling station and constituencies. Who stands to benefit from this appeal?

We therefore demand that the Commission respects the decision of the High Court and withdraw the appeal forthwith.We now understand the matter of constituency returning officers where the IEBC has been arbitrarily deploying and sending returning officers to constituencies without any known criteria or basis. Constituency Returning officers are key in overseeing the conduct of presidential elections and declaration of results.

As NASA We demand that the Commission adopt an open and transparent process of deploying constituency returning officers. The process should involve open balloting where constituency coordinators are randomly picked and their constituencies selected.

Finally, we would also like to bring to IEBC attention that even though the importation of Biometric/ Electronic Voter Identification kits was done without the same being subjected to pre export verification, we now demand that:
1. That These EVID kits be subjected to public inspection to confirm that they are suitable for the intended purpose.
2. That these EVID kits have to be used in the forthcoming voter verification exercise.
3. That these EVID kits be deployed and distributed to all polling stations for purposes of supplementing the voter verification exercise.

Thank You.