Voter Register Tampering


The ODM Party wishes to make the following comments with regard to new disturbing revelations in the IEBC Register of Voters.

First this election must be about respecting the choice of the people. Let not the outcome of this election be about how institutions navigate to skew results.

• The party reiterates its position that it will accept nothing short of a credible, free, fair and verifiable election; and that it will reject results of a manipulated election where the will of the people did not count.

• The party maintains IEBC voter register is being deliberately messed up with to hide the true voting strength of the opposition coalition. released figures of voters across the country neither represents the true picture of the voting population and its distribution across the country.

• The Party dismisses assurances by IEBC officials that it doesn't matter what comes out of their own processes of voter verification where Kenyans have confirmed the existence of their dead family members, some who passed away 15 to 20 years ago; as still having their names in the voter register. Or where numbers "0", "66", "243" etc still return entries of valid voters.

• The Party is aware that soon after these discoveries, IEBC has disabled the system, purporting that it was merely a trial.

• The ODM has received disturbing reports of continued manipulation of the voter register by active collusion of a number of IEBC officials and two key state agencies. IEBC must come clean and vouch for the authenticity and credibility of the voter register.

• We shall in due course share our findings with the public. Meanwhile, we urge AU, EU, UN and other Observer Groups already monitoring the processes leading to the August polls to take note of the new development on voter register.

• The party demands that the audit firm KPMG comes out clearly on what its role was in the purported audit of the voter register; an exercise we already informed Kenyans that KPMG had no technical capacity to undertake. We reiterate that KPMG was merely one of the many agencies being used by the current regime to cover up a dubious voter register.

• Specifically; we demand that KPMG Audit Report be made public; names of those expunged from register and criteria of doing so be made public; a PDF version of the voter register for every polling station; and an amalgamated register for every constituency be immediately sent to Ward and Constituency offices across the country and be made public and accessible by voters.

Finally; ODM wishes to inform all members and supporters that the Party Nomination List has been submitted to IEBC and the commission will at their own discretion publish and publicize it.

Thank You.

Sen. Dr. Agnes P. Zani,

Secretary General (Ag).