Sihay, Ugenya Constituency

The ODM Party is questioning the motive behind a motion by Kiharu MP Mr Dindi Nyoro to restrain the Director of Public Prosecutions (DCI) from pursuing, investigating and prosecuting cases of corruption.
Speaking at Sihay in Ugenya during a rally to campaign for the party candidate Mr Christopher Karan, party legislators led by Senate Minority Leader Mr James Orengo and his National Assembly counterpart Mr John Mbadi said they will mobilise their colleagues in the house to stop ant attempts to derail the war on corruption.
"The President was categorical on Friday that the war on corruption was unstoppable and cautioned anyone intending to interfere with the process to stop, now we are surprised that MPs allied to the Deputy President are determined to stop the DCI from investigating corruption cases" charged Mbadi.
He said anyone coming in between the war in graft was an enemy of the nation and any such attempts like Mr Nyoro's motion will flop. 
"We can't have the President saying this and people allied to his Deputy say the opposite" he added.
Mr Orengo said Parliament should be steadfast in supporting the war on corruption adding that the institution has powers to send home anyone involved in corruption.
"I am just giving a simple advise to Parliament like I did the other day, that they have the power to send home a Cabinet Secretary who is involved on corruption" he said. 
Mr Orengo said it was improper for some members of Parliament to pretend that all is well when the country is being ripped down by corrupt government officials. 
"We can't sit down and look as a few individuals loot from public coffers. We have the right to stop this and we will stop it", said the Siaya Senator.
Mr Mbadi cautioned legislators whom he claimed are used to being persuaded by handouts given to them by a senior Jubilee politician to derail the President's big four agenda saying that their days are numbered.
"We are not supporting the President because we are his sycophants, NO. We are supporting him so that he can straighten things and put the country on the right track" said Mbadi.
Alego Usonga MP Mr Samuel Atandi put MPs Mr Oscar Sudi and Mr Didmus Barasa on notice for their continued attacks on ODM Leader Mr Raila Odinga saying he will personally deal with them. 
"Our Party Leader should not be their problem all the time. They have looted enough and should stop using Raila as a scapegoat whenever they are caught", he said.
The leaders urged the people of Ugenya to elect Mr Karan on Friday 5th April saying that he has been tested for the year he was in Parliament and that he will initiate development projects and steer the constituency to greater heights.
Addressing the rally, Mr Karan appealed to the locals to return him to Parliament saying he will quickly embark on the business of serving them once re-elected.
"I had just began work. The petition derailed me and confined me in the corridors of justice. I was distracted and now once re-confirmed by you, I will work diligently to your satisfaction", he said.
Siaya Governor Mr Amoth Rasanga, his Deputy Eng. James Okumbe, MPs Elisha Odhiambo (Gem), Dr. Midenyo Oundo (Funyula), Aduma Awuor (Nyakach), Dr. Christine Ombaka (Siaya Woman Rep), Nominated MP Prof. Jacqueline Oduol, ODM Executive Director Mr Oduor Ong'wen and all the MCAs of the Siaya County Assembly spoke at the well attended rally.
P. Etale 
Dir. of Communications