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Our Platform Issues

State and Civil Society 

The ODM remains the biggest partner and ally of the Kenyan Civil Society. The ODM believes in a policy of community renewal by giving everyday people the confidence to contribute in the public sphere. It is in the public sphere, not in boardrooms, that ODM’s democratization agenda has been nourished. Thus, ODM is primarily a party of the masses where the struggles of the masses are waged by the masses for the masses. The role of the civil society in a nation’s democratization is to push for reforms of dysfunctional systems. At ODM, we promote the development of a robust civil society capable of processing popular demands for policy action by a government that connects with the wider society through civic channels that are not clogged by mutual suspicion and antagonism. 

Party Politics and the State

“The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose,” James A Baldwin.

Democracy requires knowledgeable citizens who can make sound decisions about the future and can act on those decisions either alone or in solidarity with others. ODM is an instrument of democratic political transformation of the Kenyan Society into a diverse modern nation-state. The national unity agenda the ODM is pushing for is that which makes diversity a social capital within the context of shared prosperity through equitable social development. The ODM as a social movement maintains a strong and durable connection with the Kenyan society yearning for good governance, shared prosperity and social justice. 

Labour-Capital Relationship

ODM holds Labour and its social products in the highest esteem. Fundamentally, ODM holds Labour as the primary source and instrument of production. Because of this, ODM solidarity with workers of every calibre in our country remains unassailable and beyond doubt. ODM will always ally with the worker to fight all forms of subjugation, dispossession and disempowerment. ODM views ‘profits’ as the surplus of the labourer’s toil and should be shared equitably. 

Devolution of Power

For ODM, the state signifies the common will of all Kenyans shaping their destiny through a democratically negotiated social contract. The State is the concentration of all public authority. The will of the people that legitimizes the exercise of public authority can only be expressed in free, fair, credible and verifiable election cycles. Because of our history; ODM remains convinced that the concentration of power in the presidency remains the greatest danger to national cohesion, economic development and the rule of law. The concentration has been characterized by weakening of critical institutions and archaic ethnic and client-patron relationships. This has created a major hindrance to economic emancipation, impaired equitable sharing of national resources thus creating uneven national development. Despite our victories towards dismantling this system that relics colonialism, ODM believes work is still ongoing to fully devolve power. 

Environmental Use

ODM believes in sustainable use of natural resources and the protection and regeneration of our environmental goods. The ODM has waged, and won, costly battles of conservation of our country’s natural water towers such as the Mau and forest resources. Protecting our environment enhances inter-generational equity which the ODM Party has championed for years. ODM Party understands that environmental justice also entails recognizing indigenous communities unfettered rights and access to certain resources held in sacred. For economic development, ODM Party supports responsible extraction of mineral resources and the use of geothermal and wind power as new sources of green energy. The ODM believes climate change threatens humanity and leaders must be pro-active to combat it. We believe Kenya can run on clean energy by mid-century. 


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