Objectives of ODM

The ODM is a national and popular democratic movement which aims to form a government that will build a democratic society and provide a better and dignified life. Maisha Bora for every Kenyan. 


  1. Chapter One:  Implementing The New Constitution And An Ethical Governance Agenda.
  2. Chapter Two:  Fostering Prosperity And Eradicating Poverty.
  3. Chapter Three: Investing In Infrastructure
  4. Chapter Four:  Creating Opportunities For Employment Chapter Five:  Fighting Crime, Drugs & Insecurity
  5. Chapter Six:  Advancing Quality Education Chapter Seven:  Delivering Universal Health Care Chapter Eight:  Empowering Women
  6. Chapter Nine:  Harnessing The Potential Of Our Youth
  7. Chapter Ten:  Enhancing Manufacturing,Ict,Trade And Services For Economic Growth
  8. Chapter Eleven:  Increasing Value In Agriculture,Fisheries And Livestock
  9. Chapter Twelve:  Consolidating And Expanding Tourism
  10. Chapter Thirteen:  Building Affordable Housing & Implementing Land Reform
  11. Chapter Fourteen:  Ensuring Clean Water,Efficient Sanitation And Expanding Irrigation
  12. Chapter Fifteen:  Devolving Power
  13. Chapter Sixteen:  Saving Our Environment
  14. Chapter Seventeen:  Ensuring Disability Rights
  15. Chapter Eighteen:  Promoting Our Heritage,Culture,Media & Sports
  16. Chapter Nineteen:  Maximizing The Potential Of Our Diaspora
  17. Chapter Twenty:  Pursuing A Progressive Pan-African And Foreign Policy