Gender Equity is at the heart of ODM’s relationship with women. ODM believes no society can truly achieve its full potential with women viewed as the ‘insignificant other’. ODM has a history of fighting gender discrimination and currently leads in the number of women nominated in various seats in counties and the national assembly. Within the rank of the party, women occupy critical positions and are trusted with heavy responsibilities which they have performed with utmost professionalism.

The ODM supported the “Two-thirds gender rule”, which seeks to deliberately increase the number of women in government and believes that the bill’s intents should have been achieved long ago. Moving forward, ODM will continue to fight against practices and norms that discriminate and disempower women and girls, as well as push for access to affordable sanitary provisions to school-age girls among others.

Below is Evaline participating in one ODM activities in Thika and abit of confrontation with police officers in Kiambu County.